History of Institution

“SEED” was registered as an Association on 16.09.1981 Under Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act 1972 ( Reg.No.251/81 ) with an idea of sowing the SEED for the development of the people those who are Socially, Educationally & Economically  Downtrodden. “SEED“ has started its activities on 9th Jan. 1982 at Sriperumbudur ( The holy place where Saint and Philosopher Shrimath Ramanuja born in 1 th Century & fought against the caste system through Bhakthi Marga & where Shri Rajiv Gandhi, Former Prime Minster of India was assassinated ) with 27 children and now it is catering the needs of 300 children in all its three centres, viz:

(a) At Sriperumbudur
(b) At Utkottai:
(c) At Irungattukottai :

Dr.J.C.Kumarappa Industrial Training Institute – Fitter, Electrician, Mechanic ( Motor Vehicle ) Trades for Boys and Cutting & Tailoring, Electronic – Mechanic for Girls.

Special permission given by the State Government & Recognition given by the National Council for Vocational Trades, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

“SEED” is sowing the SEED to improve the livelihood and welfare of the underprivileged children in the lowest rungs of the Society. In particular, it caters the needs of the children of the Life Prisoners, Victims of serious crimes like murder and Leprosy Patients who are beggars and deserted children from various parts of Tamil Nadu State.

SEED provides them with  Food, Shelter, and Education ( formal / non formal / vocational ). Vocational Training is provided in Mat weaving, Plastic- Wire bag  making, Embroidery, Tailoring, etc., so as to enable them to stand on their own leg. This is in pursuance to SEED’s  philosophy. SEED believes that innocent children should not be penalized because of the crimes committed by their parents.

Nature of work :
Sowing the SEED for the upliftment of the people who are Socially, Educationally and Economically Downtrodden section of Society.
In particular, bringing a change in the lives of the children of Life Prisoners, Victims of serious crimes like murder and Leprosy Patients, so that, they, in turn, may not become criminals through apprentiship in juvenile delinquency and beggars as a reaction to the Social hostility they may face.

Scope of activities:
Total care of children of Life Serving Life Prisoners, Leprosy Patients and other destitute children.
Target Group
Principle Achievements
Indicators of success
Extent of voluntary efforts – formal & informal community participation and methods of community action adopted
Prospectus of Continuity assistance received / expected

ASSISTANCE EXPECTED : Public contribution.

Recognition & Rewards:
  1. SEED is a recognized service organization and is registered  with the Registrar of Societies.
  2. It is exempted from paying Income Tax Under Section   80 (G) of Income Tax Act      of 1961 .
  3. It is also registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act that makes it eligible to receive contribution from abroad.
  4. Government issued a Special Order to enter into Central Prisons for the admission of the children of Life Prisoners
  5. Government issued a Special Order to give Special Leave ( Parole ) for 10 days to the Life Prisoners ( Parents of our children ) to take part in ` Gandhi Jayanthi “ celebrations at “ SEED “.
  6. A few well-wishers in England have started to collect donations from public for donation to SEED. “ Friends of SEED “ has been formed to achieve this end.
  7. In France too, ` Friends of SEED ‘ group has been formed by well wishers.
  8. Department of Social Welfare recognized the activities and has provided assistance for 100 children.
  9. Education Department, Government of Tamilnadu recognized and aided its “ Mahatma Gandhi Primary School “ at Sriperumbudur .
  10. Recognition has been given by Education Department, Govt. of Tamil Nadu to its “ Mahatma Gandhi High School “ at Utkottai
  11. Government has given a Special Permission to open an Industrial Training Institute for the children of Life Prisoners, Leprosy Patients and other Disadvantaged children.
  12. National Council for Vocational Trades, Ministry of Labour, Government of India has given recognition to our Special Industrial Training Institute
  13. “ Vocational Award “ was given by Rotary Club of Madras Mid Town
  14. Award was given by Lions Club  of Madras Porur.
  15. Founder & Secretary of the organisation has been selected as Outstanding Young Person of the State of Tamilnadu by Jayces Club.
  16. In the 20th year of Bank Nationalization, the Founder – Secretary of the “ SEED” has been selected as the Meritorious Employees among all the Nationalized Banks. The award was given by the then Minister for State for Industries & Commerce, Government of India.
  17. “SEED” has been selected as the “ Best Gandhian Organisation “ and “ Gandhi National Award “ was given to “ SEED” by the then Minister of Rural Govt. of India, Hon’ble Dr. Jaganath Mishra,
  18. “ SEED” has been selected as the Best Child Development Project “ In India for the year 1995, “ ROTARY INDIA “ SERVICE TO HUMANITY AWARD 1995 “ has been given at Bombay by His Excellency  Shri ROMESH BHANDARI, the then GOVERNOR OF GOA
  19. Cover story has been published in “ THE WEEK “ and articles published in leading national and international magazines.
    • “ A boy from SEED “ – Guardian – an UK based leading news paper.
    • “ Sowing the SEED of Life “ article in Deccan Herald “
    • Articles published in “ Sunday” Magazine.
    • ` Saga of Labour & Love ‘ – Article Published in “ SHREYAS “ Canara Bank House Magazine.
    • “ Once can’t starve the spirit – article published in BUSINESS LINE ( THE HINDU )
    • “ A whiff of hope for the hapless children “ – an article published in “ THE HINDU “
    • “ Battling Life’s odds. With & smile “ an article published in Indian Express.
    • ` A haven for children of convicts ‘, an article published in “ THE TRIBUNE “.
    • “ FIRM CONVICTION “, an article published in India Today.
    • An article published in a leading Hindi Magazine “ Hindustan Samachar “
  1. “ Ideal Couple “ Cover Story published in “ Ananda Vikatan “ ( Leading Tamil Weekly )
  2. “ One Palanisamy in each Place “ Article published in “ Mutharam “
  3. “ Upliftment of the children of Life Prisoners, Cover Story published in “ Kumudham “ Leading Tamil Weekly.
  4. “ If they get Govt. Assistance “ article published in “ THUGLAK “ fortnightly.
  5. “ Flood of Mercy from Grand Anicut “ article published in “ Savi “ – Leading Tamil weekly
  6. “ Great People “ published in “ KUNGUMAN “
  7. “ You are in Prison but I am “ – article published in Dinamani Kadir.
  8. “ Asylum of the tender leaves of fallen tree “ – article published in Idhayam Pesukiradhu.
  9. “ Prison for Parents, but punishment for children “ article published in Penmani.
  10. “ SEED grows as tree “’ article published in Vijaya Bharatham.
(i) “POTHIGAI“ – DOORDHARSAN, recently telecast SEED’s activities for two weeks.
(ii) Every Saturday morning, Jaya T.V’s “Arul Tharum Alayangal “ Programme telecast SEED’s  activities.
Any other Information of interest :

Besides rendering the source of food & shelter, our children  reach to serve the nation as any other proud Indian do is the success of our service; who knows ! if our children left unattended may be technically  the leaves.

The general situation in our country is that of parents will given food and shelter to their off springs – indefinitely, whereas the children of  “ SEED “ are giving asylum to their parents ( Life Prisoners ) when the parents come out of Prisons. It is due to the Life Oriented education given in our organisation. Government of Tamil Nadu has given Special Permission to interview the Life Prisoners in the Prisons, to enable SEED to take a decision about their children.

Due to efforts, taken by our organisation, Special Parole is now being given by the Government through a Special Government order to enable  the LIFE PRISONERS to live with their children for at least 10 days in a year, at the time of Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations.

SEED was shown in 1982 to bring our change in the life status of the under privileged namely self reliance, self sufficiency and self respect.

Under the above venture 200 children have completed the schooling and they have better placement in their society. Had they not come to us who could imagine the Right of the Life. The Society might have driven them to a corner who might have been branded as criminals. For example, a boy, S.Selvaraj, whose guardian was a Life Prisoner  in Madurai Central Prison was extended a helping hand by SEED, given his food, shelter and moral thought. This helped him in gaining a decent job in cloth factory at Madurai City. When we landed at Madurai Railway Station recently for admission of other’s children, we were extremely surprise to be received by Selvaraj and we had nice chat with him. Our hearts will be filled with joy to witness all the efforts of our staff got materialized in the form of Selvaraj. His neat appearance, his  morality and his punctuality  had moved us greatly.  

(A.R.PALANISAMY M.A., (Socio.)., M.A.(G.T.)., M.A.(Pol. Sci.).M.A.(Pub.Admn.)., M.Ed., B.L., M.B.A. )